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    You are Mialuis
    Mialuis recognizes the potential of the values of every human being and believes that, by enhancing them in the correct way, they can bring changes not only in the small sphere but also globally. Each of us expresses a voice that must be heard and value must be paid to. The comparison within Mialuis is the basis of good working relationships, but openness to the outside, listening to and welcoming "other" voices, allows the brand to renew itself and enhance diversity.
    OUR Projects
    Women are the key to the future because they build it and "grow" it. This is the founding principle of Mialuis.
    Charity activities supporting local non-profit organizations are a brand commitment, aimed at promoting women's health and supporting women in their role as mothers, intended as a common good for the family and the community as a whole.

    What they say about us

    “Le borse Mialuis a favore di Fondazione Paideia onlus (e delle donne)”

    “Un piccolo (o grande) oggetto del desiderio quotidiano, tutto da scoprire. Day by day, bag by bag”

    “Mialuis per le donne”

    “Architetta che disegna le borse da esportare nel mondo”

    Corporate Social Responsibility
    Mialuis places women at the centre and is committed to supporting the principles of equal opportunities.  Promoting and ensuring equal opportunities in the labour market means fighting against all forms of gender-based discrimination.
    Our creativity results from the synthesis of different points of view.
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